this time it's for real.

hey lovely folk,

i hope all is well.. with the move to brooklyn, a return to tumblr. i like it here but tumblr supports my photographic work with so much more ease, which is what i crave + need these days as life speeds up and gets quite busy. moving is never easy -- packing boxes, letting go of old bits, making room for new ideas, and trying to make sense of it all along the way -- but it feels right and my archive from bold + flow will be traveling with me there!

thanks for being awesome and kind inside my transitions! i hope you will follow me to this new place and continue to share this journey as i post more of my own photographs, rambling thoughts, and inspired links..





this week marks the new moon of tamuz, the fourth month of the jewish calendar year. according to kabbalah, the sense associated with this month is spiritual sight, the ability to see beyond the outer shell in order to reveal the fruit and life force of what is. tamuz also begins the seductive summer season which is often referred to as the 'holiday for the eyes' in the kabbalah and is also associated with the element of heat. in addition to all of this abundance, the middle of tamuz marks a three-week period of mourning and contemplation in the jewish tradition.

it is often hard to reconcile a life of paradoxes - abundance and celebration on the one hand and loss and mourning on the other. tamuz becomes an opportunity to experience it all, to behold the beauty and colors of summer, to give ourselves permission to cry and be present with the suffering and to trust that both paths will bring us closer to pure vision and toward a deeper understanding of self and the world around us. each month is also associated with one of the twelve tribes and the tribe associated with this month is reuben which is my father's name and a reminder that i continually dance between many words of feeling around his life and this loss, doing my very best to be present and hold all without distinction or judgement.

many blessings on this new moon. may you see with clear vision the fruit and life force that is being offered to you as we step into the summer months..

for further inquiry an article that describes the sense, body part, hebrew letter, and astrological sign associated with the month of tamuz + a short, and very interesting, clip about this month from rabbi pinson.


this week.

* *
1. happy plants in our new kitchen
2. beautiful trees and sunshine in our hood
3. running into old friends
4-5. impromptu picnic dinner with goodies from the food coop
6-7. the sights + sounds of warm summer evenings
8. walking, walking, and more walking.. my favorite physical activity
* *
we are here in brooklyn and i have many thoughts but little to say. my photography is thriving and growing but my words feel less than satisfying lately. i guess this is part of the deal? they say when you are learning a new language, you temporarily lose the other and are in a flux of in articulation for a bit.. i feel this way about my writing and photographic work. i am stepping more fully into the world of images and somehow losing the expression i have been so dependent on for many years.. words. it is an interesting space, frustrating at times, and also incredibly intriguing and exciting. we are here and i have many thoughts to share but really, all i want to say is that it's working.. nadav is happy, i am settling and returning to my work, and we are feeling pretty darn grateful for how easeful this transition has felt so far..


stepping forward, staying true.

we are settling into our new brooklyn neighborhood and are finally set up with wi-fi as of this afternoon (hallelujah!). it feels right to live here, to be returned to the sweet brooklyn energy, the big creativity all around us, the zen community a few blocks away, dear sisters and good friends, and the many opportunities knocking on our apartment door. i will miss beacon, for sure, and have more to share about the transition.. but, this post, this post is not about beacon v.s. brooklyn or wireless options and tips, it is about my work and a school gala i documented in brooklyn the night before our move. 

a bit of background: a friend contacted me to photograph the annual gala fundraiser for her children's school. they were looking for something new, a photographer who could capture the warmth and intimacy of this unique school and it's supporters in an artistic way. i did not say yes immediately and was quite weary of this proposition, most especially because the space they chose was a sort of bar/nightclub with very little natural light. i am not an 'event photographer', i rarely shoot in darkly lit spaces (with colored lights no less), and i do not like using flash as it seems to distort the true nature of what is being shot. my friend was insistent that they were seeking 'different', someone who would not just shoot a series of posed shots as an inventory of those who attended but a photographer who could tell the story of the evening. she was convincing, i was intrigued and excited to support their awesome school, and so i accepted the challenge and said yes. i came from beacon for the evening and did my very best to capture the spirit of the celebration and it's attendants in a way that was true to their flavor and resonated with my photographic aesthetic. and in the end? i am so happy i decided to accept this job! it was a great opportunity to step outside my comfort zone while remaining true to my point of view as an artist + i really enjoyed witnessing such a warm and creative community gather to support innovative education and honor such good folk. all and all, it was a pleasure and i thank the gala organizers for asking me to document this special evening.. onward + upward!



it must have something to do with growing up in a shul.. sitting next to my father in his big prayer shawl as he uttered the prayers, feeling proud of myself for being able to read the words in my own siddur, chatting with my friends in the women’s section about clothes, school, and life at home, the joyful walk with my brother and sisters from a sponsored lunch of cake, crackers, and herring. i love being in shuls and i think they are quite beautiful + magical in their own particular way.
* *
below are photos from an orthodox shul in connecticut.


little library

little free library makes me so happy.. i love interactive, touch-me, art + books so this piece is just about the most perfect thing ever. 



the days have been quite full around these parts.. and while i am exhausted, a bit achy, and have my anxieties and stresses that come with transition (from beacon to brooklyn for a film project n's working on), everything feels right and the decisions we have been choosing do not feel rushed, rationalized by convenience, or made without our best interest at heart. of course, i am looking forward to returning my attention more fully to my photography work, the new moon project, and the wedding to-dos. but for now, on this rainy afternoon, i am feeling pretty centered and aware that this move is just another step forward in creating a meaningful and creatively-engaging future with my love.. and so we go.
almost done packing..
 wrapped art work + drift wood i found at the long dock after sandy
a solo morning hike between tasks (caring for myself = crucial part of move)
late night work at my make-shift standing desk
* *
and our almost empty house. which has been so kind and wonderful to us this year. 


this full day.

today was very full! i can't believe how many emails i sent, cupboards i cleaned, phone calls i made, boxes i packed up, wedding to-dos i crossed off, etc. i also went for a run in the first time forevah (i am soo sore), spoke with two favorite girlfriends, and made myself a very yummy, healthy dinner.. that's right, i did it all and i am totally impressed with myself. below are a few photos from my day: it was sunny for my early morning run plus an hour or so (thank you, god) before showers and major thunderstorms set in for the rest of the afternoon/evening.. spring weather weirdness.
* *
how was your day? did you know we are scheduled for the third eclipse of the season on tomorrow's full moon? i'm not sure if i believe all the thoughts around this eclipse but i do love the idea of movement, transformation, and rebirth.. alright, have a lovely night! i am so going to crash soon.. ;)
post-run stretching in the backyard.. 
de-cluttering and posting items to craigslist
fresh flowers and a bit of sweeping in between tasks
and my furry assistant sleeping on the job and looking undeniably cute.